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 "I believe that fresh is the ultimate start to good health and that standing in your own kitchen 
cooking your own food is a powerful way
to take care of yourself and your family." 


What's stopping you from eating more 
delicious home-cooked meals?


Covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and sweets, 
Eat at Home is chock full of family favourites
that satisfy a variety of dietary preferences and individual tastes, making it so much easier for you and your family to eat at home any day of the week.

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Advance Praise for Eat at Home 

 “CBC viewers have come to love Voula for her warm personality and smart approach to home cooking, which shine through in this book. I’m so grateful Voula has finally shared her recipes for these vibrant dishes and shown how easy, cost-effective, and cozy it can be to eat at home.”

—Valerie Howes, food writer and co-author of Lure: Healthy, Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the West Coast


“Eat at Home will change the way we cook—and this amazing book did that in the first 25 pages! Voula’s ‘flavour fixes’ (spice mixes to keep in your pantry to boost flavour in your day-to-day cooking) are brilliantly simple and easy to incorporate into your life—as is the rest of this book. Eat at Home gives you a coveted seat in Voula’s kitchen and will inspire you to nourish your family with practical dishes that are packed with deliciousness.”

—Dana Harrison and Joel MacCharles, authors of Batch: Over 200 Recipes, Tips, & Techniques for a Well Preserved Kitchen,


 “Okay, folks, no more excuses! Voula lays it out from pantry to plate so you can cook at home, too!" 

—Signe Langford, author of Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs: Keeping Chickens in the Kitchen Garden with 100 Recipes


 “I was so hungry and inspired by the time I finished reading Eat at Home. It contains so many diverse recipes that will literally help you put a taste of the world on your family’s plates.”

—Rebecca MacKenzie, president and CEO of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance


 “You can feel Voula’s delight, pleasure, and passion for cooking in each story she shares and in every insanely delicious recipe. More importantly, Voula understands the dilemma we all feel at mealtime: getting a healthy meal on the table that everyone will eat and doing it quickly. Voula never promises fast and easy, but she’s made it her mission to show us that with a little pre-planning, smart pantry staples, plus a few leftovers it will get easier!

—Jennifer Danter, acting executive food Director, Canadian Living, TVA Group


 “No matter what your cooking style, Eat at Home will have you not only doing that more but enjoying it more. With Voula’s mantra of  ‘Cook once and eat thrice’ and her passion for big bright flavours, I guarantee that as you flip through this book her innovative recipes will have you rushing to try many. Whether it’s the Banana Split Breakfast Bowl, Cauliflower Confetti Soup, Mexican Crunch Salad, Louisiana Stuffed Pork Tenderloin, or Maple Chicken with Apple Cream Sauce, Voula’s infallible sense of what tastes terrific shines through. Another guarantee: Voula’s recipes are foolproof. She proved that when she worked for me for many years.”

—Monda Rosenberg, food writer and editor, former food editor of Chatelaine


“Voula has a way with words, an eye for beauty, and a consuming passion for cooking delicious food without fuss.”

—Marion Kane, Food Sleuth®, writer, broadcaster, cook,


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