Butter Print Pages®, The Recipe Writing Workshop


While you may not have the intention of becoming a professional recipe developer, you have a wonderful collection of recipes that you’d like to make usable and reliable so that they can be successfully recreated and savoured time and time again.

Butter Print Pages® Recipe Writing Workshop is an intimate and intensive recipe development program. In 12 steps you will learn how to present recipes that are standardized, accurate, and publishable.

Butter Print Pages® Recipe Writing Workshop is the workshop for you if you want to write recipes that work every time to share with family or friends or because it makes sense for your current or next career.

What you will learn from Butter Print Pages®, the Recipe Writing Workshop:

  • The importance of recipes, recipe writing, development, and testing
  • The value of standardized recipes
  • How to develop new recipes and improve existing recipes
  • How to avoid guesswork, save time and money, minimize waste, maximize usability (including leftovers!)
  • All about ingredients, methods, procedures, standardization, seasonality, substitutions, and more
  • How to test and revise recipes to ensure consistent successful results for any level cook
  • What to consider to ensure the best quality, flavour, yield, appearance, overall outcome of your recipes
  • So much more!

    The energy of this workshop is positive, supportive, creative, interactive, fun and open. 

    It's the ideal workshop for you if:


    • You want to write recipes that work every time
    • You are a blogger sharing inspiring stories and you’d like to offer your “tribe” great recipes to go with these stories
    • You are thinking of a career change but not quite ready to invest thousands of dollars to go to culinary school until you figure out if this is the right path for you
    • You are a dietician or nutritionist creating a program for your clients and you’d like to include some of your healthy original recipes
    • You are a food photographer or food stylist and you’d like to kick up your business and offer recipe development as part of your services
    • You are a parent or a grandparent who’d like to put together a booklet of your family recipes to share with others
    • You are creating a fundraising cookbook for a community project
    • You are thinking of pitching your amazing cookbook concept to a publishing company and want to present awesome recipes
    • You are a great cook creating dishes you’d like to record and make again without fuss
    • You are a DIY’er planning ahead for creating a product you can sell on Etsy that includes your recipes
    • You are thinking of creating a Blurb cookbook for holiday gift-giving
    • You want to create your own online lifestyle magazine with recipes


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