• This Cake Will Save You

    I often run out of time when I cook a special meal.
    I don’t run out of time because I am slow in the kitchen.
    I don’t run out of time because I didn’t plan enough time to do everything on my list.
    I run out of time because I get inspired by ideas that pop into my head and decide I want to add one, or two, or three more dishes on the menu I’ve already prepared.
    When this race against time happens I will drop the plan for whatever fancy dessert I intended to make and instead offer a cheese platter at the end of the meal. It’s a tasty cop-out and I’m good with that.
    The thing is, my family loves a little something sweet, and while cheese is my favourite thing to nibble on at the end of a meal, it isn’t what they look forward to. Not at all.
    This cake has been the ultimate solution to serving a beautiful dessert at the end of a meal, even when I have run out of time. It’s so easy to prepare and it turns out tasting as wonderful as it looks. I stir it together while my guests are having cocktails and some appetizers.
    I promise you that if you keep the ingredients you need for this cake handy at all times this cake will save you too.
    I make sure to have ground almonds available and I store them in the fridge so that they keep. Eggs are a favourite thing in our house so we always have them handy, and we always have honey or maple syrup. Cinnamon and vanilla are pantry staples, and if I don’t have a lemon to zest I will substitute with an orange or just not bother with the zest at all. It doesn’t matter what berries you use (I’ve even used frozen berries), and if all you have is apples or peaches or plums or apricots you can slice them and arrange them on top instead of berries if you wish.
    Last night I served each slice with a big dollop of Rhubarb Curd that I had made with the rhubarb from our garden and then topped this with more sliced strawberries. Lemon curd would have been great too. Or ice cream. Or yogurt. Or serve the cake as is, with nothing at all because it’s that delicious even on its own.

    Here’s the recipe:
    Honey Almond Berry Cake

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